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Allen's Biography

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Allen's interest in dancing started since he was a teenager. He was a very active youth leader in the PAYM (People's Association Youth Movement) where he also participated actively in Folk Dancing. He started to teach Folk Dance in the late 70's and was accredited as a Folk Dance Instructor by PA (People's Association) in November 1979.

Allen was a dancer for the National Theatre Club International Folk Dance Troupe in the 80's; because of his passion in dance, he continue to learnt many different forms of dancing, namely Latin Dance, Jazz Dance, Modern Ballet, Hip-Hop, Social Dance, Chinese Cultural Dance, Malay Dance and Indian Dance. He has many experience in stage performances locally and internationally.

Allen's passion in dance got more intense when he started Line Dancing in 1999. He participated in the 1st Asian Pacific Dance Championship' 2003 and came in as OVERALL CHAMPION in the Line Classic Diamond Intermediate Category. He continued his journey to Nashville (USA) for the UCWDC Worlds XII Country Dance World Championships' 2004 and won the 3rd Place for the same Category. In spite of that, his achievement did not stop there. He attended many dance workshops, private lessons and technique courses conducted by renowned instructors like:- Jo Thomson, Rachael McEnaney, Tom Mickers, Roy Verdonk, Roy Hadisubroto, Maggie G, Bill Bader, Barry Durand, Bill Larson, Doug & Jackie Miranda, John Robinson,  Max Perry, Kathy Hunyadi, Michael Vera-Lobos, Rob Fowler, Robbie McGowan Hickie, Barry & Dari Anne Amato, Brian Barakauskas.

With more than 30 years of extensive experience in teaching various dances (Line Dance, International Folk Dance and Social Dance) locally and internationally (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia), Allen's friends and students had increased significantly.

Achievements & Awards

  • OVERALL CHAMPION of "The 2003 Asian Pacific Dance Championships, Singapore" - Line Classic Diamond Intermediate Male
  • 3RD PLACE OVERALL of the "Worlds XII Country Dance World Championships 2004" - Line Classic Diamond Intermediate Male
  • Accredited Line Dance Trainer by P.A.L. (Professional Association of Linedancers) on "Professional Line Dance Trainer Accreditation Programme, 2002"
  • PA (People's Association) Registered Trainer (since 1979)
  • SSC (Singapore Sports Council) Registered Trainer (since 2002)